Midwives help people out

here's how you can help midwives

Midwives work long hard hours, they go the extra mile in so many ways. They also often strive to keep their prices low so that midwifery can be an affordable option for all people. On top of this, if they do take insurance, most insurance companies to not adequately reimburse out of hospital midwives. This makes it difficult for midwives to be engaged in progressing the cause of midwifery for clients, in legal, civic and legislative manners, in community service, in continued professional education, in public affairs and so on. For these reasons and many more, we gladly receive donations and every little bit helps!

ways you can donate:


Monetary donations can be made through by clicking on the "online" text above or icon below.



Contact us to set up an in-person monetary donation.  If you are wanting to donate supplies please contact first.



Email treasurer@utahmidwives.com for donations including legal, public, educational, monetary, or other services that may benefit midwives.